旅遊提示 / Frequently Asked Questions

This document is indented to answer some of the most frequently asked questions for the "2010 The Fifth Global Reunion Event" in Toronto, e.g. Transportation from airport to hotel, bus schedule, nearby restaurant/eatery (from hotel), emergency contact (from the Committee), etc.... Try not to be personal but for public interest. Please send them by e-mail to GlobalReunion2010@tmaa.ca, will try our best to provide an answer on this webpage.

  1. Q: Can the Registration and Activities fee be paid by personal cheque in U.S. fund ?
    A: Yes. Exchange rate: 1 USD = 1 CAD.
    問: 報名 及活動費用,可否用
    美元(USD)私人支票支付 ?
    答: 可以,兑換率: 1 USD=1 CAD

  2. Q: I want to join the 7 days Trip by myself but would like to share the room with someone, what should I do?
    A. You make a full payment of CAD1470 at registration time but put down 2 person sharing 1 room. When we find a match, will refund the difference of CAD 420. So you pay CAD 1050 only.

  3. Q: Is there any shuttle bus service between the Toronto Pearson Internation Airport to the Markham Holiday Inn?
    A: No. There is 32km between the Airport and the Hotel, it costs CAD 55-60 for a taxi service, or arrange your trip with your class representative in Toronto.
    問: 沒有穿梭巴士來往機場到酒店 ?
    答: 沒有, 機場離酒店約32 公里, 的士費加幣55至60元, 或可與貴社聯絡人預早安排行程.

  4. Q: I take the mega bus from Buffalo Airport to Toronto Downtown Coach Terminal, how to get to Markham Holiday Inn from the bus terminal?
    A. It is 20km apart, but costs CAD 55-60 for a taxi service because of the stop-and-go traffic. It costs $3.00 per person on public transit, take subway from nearby Eaton's Center to Finch Subway station, take #53 Steeles East Eastbound and get off at Woodbine Ave. It takes about 1 to 1-1/2 hour.
    問: 我從水牛城機場乘車抵達多倫多市中心長途巴士站,如何從巴士站到酒店?
    答: 巴士站離酒店約20公里,的士費約需加幣50元,因路面交通繁忙。公車車費只需每位三元, 從鄰近Eaton中心乘地鐵至北面Finch 總站, 轉乘53Steele Ave.東行巴士到Woobine Ave. 假日酒店即在眼前,需時1至1.5小時.

  5. Q: I am a vegetarian, and would like to know what is the arrangement for those who prefer vegetarian food at the banquet?
    A: Our restaurant will provide vegetarian menu, Please clearly indicate you are a vegetarian in your Registration Form.
    問: 我是素食者,請問在大聚餐時食物有何安排?
    答: 酒樓有素食安排。請於報名表上清楚註明您是素食者.

  6. Q: Will I be sitting with my same class alumni during the bus tours ?
    A: Will try our best efforts to place all alumni from the same class onto the same bus. ( Not all classes have enough alumni for full bus and in some cases, same class alumni may have to be split into 2 groups ) Priority will be based on registration. If bus has 50 seats, the 51th alumni has to sit on another bus. Those who register earlier could have better arrangement. Therefore, please register now.
    問: 旅遊時會否與同社同學乘坐同一輛巴士 ?
    答: 大會只能盡量安排同一社同學乘坐同一輛巴士. (因同一社人數未必足夠坐滿一車, 亦可能同一社同學會分成兩組, 例如巴士只有五十座位, 第五十一位同學只能乘搭另一輛巴士) 故大會採取先報名先安排, 若要獲取優先安排, 敬請盡早報名.

  7. Q: Will my family members be seated with me at the same table during banquet ?
    A: Your spouse & family members or friends who came with you will have linked TM# to ensure together seating during dinner and same bus arrangement during tour.
    問: 聚餐時, 我的家人是否與我同桌坐 ?
    答: 閣下家人及親友(一齊登記者)會編有相連 TM 號碼以便確保聚餐時同桌,旅遊時同車.

  8. Q: Can I sit with my buddy during banquet ?
    A: Your best friend could also be buddy to many other alumni. Please refrain from special request. Alumni from same class will be seated at closeby tables. Class representatives will be consulted prior to finalization of table arrangements.
    問: 聚餐時,我可否作出特别要求與我的同社好友同學與我同桌坐 ?
    答: 閣下之同社好友同學可能是大眾情人, 故請盡量克制作出特別要求.同社席圍會 集中在鄰近. 而聚餐座位最後編排事前亦會咨詢各社班代表.

  9. Q: We do our own travel plan to get to the Hotel. Will there be more info upon our arrival?
    A: We plan to have TMAA-Eastern Canada representatives on site to offer assistance. There will be a welcome package distributed by the hotel upon your check-in which will include map, global reunion info, shuttle bus schedule & name tags etc....
    問: 當我們自行安排到達假日酒店時, 大會有否計劃安排代表在假日酒店大堂接待及派發大會活動資料或通告?
    答:有,大會有計劃在假日酒店大堂設置櫃臺安排代表接待。當閣下在酒店入住登記時,大會代表會派發一袋大會歡迎光臨的重要文件(切記定要取得此重要文件袋)內夾附地圖, 大會程序, 晚宴地點, 巴士接送時間, 姓名牌(大會身份證)...

  10. Q: Will my family member also receive name tags?
    A: All participants will receive a name tag which will serve as entrance ticket to reunion dinner. It should contain TM# , Table #, 1-day tour bus#, 7-days tour bus number plus a coupon to receive free gift upon dinner entrance(serve as dinner registration purpose) There will be no long line-ups, just show your name tag and sign your name and exchange your coupon for free gift and you can go right in.
    問: 我的家人或親友是否也會獲得姓名牌?
    答: 有, 每位大會參與者都會獲得其姓名牌(大會身份證), 赴宴時必須戴上, 作為入場券用,牌上註有TM 號碼, 晚宴席號, 一日遊及七日遊的巴士號碼及附有一張禮物换領券(作為晚宴登記用). 屆時只需出示姓名牌(大會身份證), 簽署嘉賓名冊, 換取禮物後即可進入會埸與校友聯誼,不用久等。

  11. Q: If there no actual check-in, how can it be accountable?
    A: The coupon has your info and it’s input will keep track attendance instantly.
    問: 入埸時為何要做正式登記?
    答: 因要知道賓客校友已否赴宴,經過做正式登記後,禮物換領券上有全部資料,即時輸入電腦,一目了然.

  12. Q: If we stay with friends, how can we get the welcome package?
    A: That's why we ask for your contact in Toronto if you do not need hotel accommodation. Your friend will be asked to pick up the package before your arrival. Without a tag, one can seriously block the entrance procedure and security measures.
    問: 如果我們不是入住假日酒店, 而是住在親友家, 怎樣才能取得歡迎光臨的重要文件袋及姓名牌(大會身份證)?
    答: 大會必定通知閣下在本地的親友事前到取, 故敬請閣下在報名表格上切記填上【緊急本地聯絡人的姓名及電話】。不能出示姓名牌(大會身份證)者,會嚴重阻塞入場秩序和保安措施.

  13. Q: What about the local alumni?
    A: All paid local alumni will be asked to pick up new name tag "insert" with coupon prior to dinner through class rep. (using the same red lanyard) All alumni must have their name tag for entrance. Can you get in a concert without bringing your tickets? Without a tag ,one can seriously block the entrance procedure and security measures. There will be No "buy your ticket at the door". All seating will be pre-arranged.
    問: 本地校友如何才能取得姓名牌及禮物換領券?
    答: 所有已付餐費的本地各社校友將會事前經由各社班頭派發新的姓名插咭及禮物換領券(沿用紅色掛帶)给予各社赴宴校友。赴宴時必須戴上姓名牌(大會身份證), 試問如果閣下忘記携帶演唱會入場票, 閣下能否進入會場?
    因不能出示姓名牌(大會身份證)者,定會嚴重阻塞入場通道而引致秩序和保安措施的混亂.切記!切記!大會恕不設現售門票, 所有席座都是預訂。

  14. Q: Why security measures?
    A: You might not be able to recognize your friend whom you haven’t seen for ages, Then how can you expect people at the entrance to recognize everybody ? We must depend on the name tag to prevent unsolicited personnel to enter. Everybody will be talking to everybody & not leaving their personal belongings on their chairs!
    問: 為甚麼要執行保安措施?
    答: 閣下多年不見的同窗好友,您也許不能立刻相認,更何况接待處的校友呢? 只能倚靠姓名牌去識别校友,提防不速之客. 因各校友將會到處交誼而將私人物品放置座椅上, 籲請各校友貴重物品定要隨身,若有遺失,大會決不負責 。

  15. Q: What else can the name tag do?
    A: If someone walk by and noticed a name whom he/she has known way back in time, This alone will make the trip worthwhile!
    問: 為甚麼要用姓名牌?
    答: 如有同窗校友擦身而過,若看到一個熟悉的名字,相逢的喜悦,已不枉此行. 故切記定要掛上姓名牌(大會身份證)作自我介绍。

  16. Q: What happens if we have too much luggage and want to keep some at the hotel until we come back from the 7-days tour ?
    A: As long as there are no valuables, extra luggage can be arranged to be kept at the hotel for the week. Please make prior arrangements. Do not give us all the luggage just prior to boarding the 7-day tour bus. It will cause unnecessary delays.
    問: 如有額外不需用行李, 可否寄存於假日酒店, 七天遊後取回 ?
    答: 可以,只要沒有貴重物品, 並需預早安排. 請於出發前一天交出並親自向假日酒店辦理。(如有遺失,聯誼大會恕不負責).

  17. Q: What is the advantage of all meals inclusive for the trip ?
    A: We might not be able to look after everybody if it's individual choice for meals. All inclusive meals will ensure equality and collective enjoyments.
    問: 全程包餐有什麼優點?
    答: 各自選餐, 恐招呼不周, 統一處理, 全面照顧, 同甘共苦.

  18. Q: Will it be too tiring ?
    A: With a full busload of classmates & friends,there will be lots of joy & laughter. It is a long journey, but the length is part of the enjoyment.
    問: 七天遊車程會否太累?
    答: 滿車校友, 有說有笑, 心情愉快, 漫漫長路, 樂在其中.

  19. Q: Will there be whale watching ?
    A: Actual trip report indicated that it is too time consuming and reward is limited. For those who are not going has to waste 3 hours waiting.
    問: 行程中是否有觀鯨節目?
    答: 沒有,據校友實地視察回報, 觀鯨節目需時太多, 而收獲太少, 參與者往往要白等三小時,亦不見鯨踪,故欠奉.

  20. Q: We have been there before, why we should go there again?
    A: You are going there again because of your friends. They will enjoy your company and it will be a life-long memory for both parties.
    問: 我們從前已經旅遊過, 為何再要參加呢?
    答: 雖是舊地重遊, 必有同學初到, 從旁細說典故, 與其分享歡樂, 同學畢生難忘.

  21. Q: There might not be many alumni from the same class. What to do ?
    A: Global reunion is where the barriers between classes disappear. Opportunity awaits to make more friends from varies classes all over the world.?
    問: 同社同學參加人數可能不多, 怎麼辨?
    答: 全球校友, 聚集一堂, 超越社限, 廣結良朋.